"Sliced: Zomborgs" Demo

This is a demo of the "Sliced: Zomborgs" fx(hash) project by @LimnDigital that will drop on February 21, 2022.

This project is now LIVE on fx(hash)!

Please visit the official Zomborgs Website for full details, instructions, and roadmap.

The purpose of this demo is to provide a preview of the fx(hash) project and how to access each minted Artwork details via the console.log().

Console.log() & keyPress Instructions

  1. Clicking this demo link will open a new window/tab with the full project demo.
  2. Access the console.log() using any of the following:
  3. The console.log() contains instructions for keyPresses to view the Artwork:
  4. Each "Sliced: Zomborg" links directly to the Zomborgs on Objkt.com
  5. Refresh your browser to generate a new "Sliced: Zomborg."
  6. Please see the official Pre-Sale section for instructions on using the fx(hash) mint to collect full Zomborgs at 60% off the public sale price


Please contact me on Twitter @LimnDigital with any questions.